Moving to Phoenix: 5 Steps to Starting a New Chapter

Are you feeling bored in your current city? Do you feel ready to take a risk and resettle somewhere new after pulling yourself out of a rut? If you’re exploring your options, it’s time to consider Phoenix, Arizona! This booming city is welcoming countless transplants, and if you want to move to the southwest, there’s no better place to call home. Plus, you can count on the Russell Shaw Group to help you buy a house here. Here’s how to revitalize your life and career by moving to Phoenix!

Why Start Fresh in Phoenix?

What makes Phoenix such an attractive destination? The perks of living here are practically endless! Sullivan Moving & Storage states that Phoenix has a fantastic restaurant scene, warm, sunny weather through every season, convenient public transport, amazing natural beauty just beyond the city limits, and lots of cultural amenities.

Finding a Place to Live

You’ve got your sights set on Phoenix – but how are you going to find a place to live? If you’re planning to buy a home, you’ll want to work with a real estate agent who has extensive knowledge of the area. Should you decide to rent first, Apartment List recommends looking for a rental in a vibrant, walkable neighborhood like Downtown Phoenix or the Roosevelt Row Arts District. If you’re seeking a more family-oriented neighborhood, consider central Phoenix!

Make a Career Change

Moving to Phoenix and turning over a new leaf gives you the chance to start over in your career. Whether you want to break into a different industry or launch your own business, you can change your career direction in Phoenix! For instance, you might be interested in going back to school so that you can earn your degree in HR. This will qualify you for roles that involve managing or recruiting employees, fostering a positive company culture, implementing company policies, and administering benefits.

Relocate Your Business

What if you already have a business? Thankfully, Phoenix is quite welcoming to entrepreneurs, and you can relocate your company and register it in the state of Arizona. To officially relocate your business, CorpNet states that you will need to cancel your current licenses and permits and re-apply in your new location. You’ll also need to contact the IRS about your relocation plans.

Furthermore, you will have to officially register your business as an LLC in Arizona. Filing on your own can be complicated, but by going through an online formation service, you can save on lawyer fees. A service like this will help you meet all of the requirements for Arizona as you go through the process.

Get to Know the Community

It can be tough to move somewhere if you don’t know anybody else! If you’re worried about feeling lonely in Phoenix, it’s important to start putting yourself out there after you’ve arrived and gotten settled in at your new place.

If you’re working for a new company, try inviting your coworkers out for lunch or coffee. And if you’re running your own business, you may want to get involved with entrepreneurial organizations that can help you connect with other professionals in your field and polish your networking skills! You might also want to join up with a volunteer organization, find a hobby group in your area, or have fun with a recreational sports league for adults.

Every day, newcomers move to Phoenix for year-round sunshine, endless job opportunities, and the great sense of community. You can, too! With these tips, you’ll be prepared to land a new job, relocate your business, and make new friends in Phoenix.

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Photo via Unsplash