Moving to Phoenix: 5 Steps to Starting a New Chapter

Are you feeling bored in your current city? Do you feel ready to take a risk and resettle somewhere new after pulling yourself out of a rut? If you’re exploring your options, it’s time to consider Phoenix, Arizona! This booming city is welcoming countless transplants, and if you want to move to the southwest, there’s no better place to call home. Plus, you can count on the Russell Shaw Group to help you buy a house here. Here’s how to revitalize your life and career by moving to Phoenix!

Why Start Fresh in Phoenix?

What makes Phoenix such an attractive destination? The perks of living here are practically endless! Sullivan Moving & Storage states that Phoenix has a fantastic restaurant scene, warm, sunny weather through every season, convenient public transport, amazing natural beauty just beyond the city limits, and lots of cultural amenities.

Finding a Place to Live

You’ve got your sights set on Phoenix – but how are you going to find a place to live? If you’re planning to buy a home, you’ll want to work with a real estate agent who has extensive knowledge of the area. Should you decide to rent first, Apartment List recommends looking for a rental in a vibrant, walkable neighborhood like Downtown Phoenix or the Roosevelt Row Arts District. If you’re seeking a more family-oriented neighborhood, consider central Phoenix!

Make a Career Change

Moving to Phoenix and turning over a new leaf gives you the chance to start over in your career. Whether you want to break into a different industry or launch your own business, you can change your career direction in Phoenix! For instance, you might be interested in going back to school so that you can earn your degree in HR. This will qualify you for roles that involve managing or recruiting employees, fostering a positive company culture, implementing company policies, and administering benefits.

Relocate Your Business

What if you already have a business? Thankfully, Phoenix is quite welcoming to entrepreneurs, and you can relocate your company and register it in the state of Arizona. To officially relocate your business, CorpNet states that you will need to cancel your current licenses and permits and re-apply in your new location. You’ll also need to contact the IRS about your relocation plans.

Furthermore, you will have to officially register your business as an LLC in Arizona. Filing on your own can be complicated, but by going through an online formation service, you can save on lawyer fees. A service like this will help you meet all of the requirements for Arizona as you go through the process.

Get to Know the Community

It can be tough to move somewhere if you don’t know anybody else! If you’re worried about feeling lonely in Phoenix, it’s important to start putting yourself out there after you’ve arrived and gotten settled in at your new place.

If you’re working for a new company, try inviting your coworkers out for lunch or coffee. And if you’re running your own business, you may want to get involved with entrepreneurial organizations that can help you connect with other professionals in your field and polish your networking skills! You might also want to join up with a volunteer organization, find a hobby group in your area, or have fun with a recreational sports league for adults.

Every day, newcomers move to Phoenix for year-round sunshine, endless job opportunities, and the great sense of community. You can, too! With these tips, you’ll be prepared to land a new job, relocate your business, and make new friends in Phoenix.

Looking to buy a home in Phoenix, AZ? The Russell Shaw Group can help you get the keys! Call us today at 602-957-7777 to start your search.

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Keep, Rent, or Sell: How Seniors Can Decide What to Do With Their Phoenix Home When Downsizing

Deciding what to do with your Phoenix home once it’s time to downsize is tricky. You have three main options – keeping it, renting it out, and selling – and each one comes with pros and cons.

While it seems straightforward, downsizing usually comes with a slew of other decisions. For example, if you now require 24/7 medical care and can no longer live safely in your current house, you’ll need to figure out where to move to might feel overwhelming. While you can look online for detailed facility reports, pricing info, payment options, and reviews from other families for nursing homes in Phoenix, it’s a lot to handle.

Seizing opportunities to make any decision easier is essential. That way, you can choose a path quickly, allowing you to move forward. If you’re debating between keeping, renting, or selling your current home in Phoenix as you prepare to downsize, here are points to consider.

What to Do With Your Home: Keep vs. Rent vs. Sell

The Pros and Cons of Keeping the Home

Usually, the main benefit of keeping the home is the ability to pass it down to a family member. That’s especially true if the house is paid off (or nearly so) and in good repair. In that case, it can provide a family member with a substantial amount of value without many of the financial hassles that come with the ownership transfer. However, it’s still possible to inherit property with a mortgage, so keep that in mind.

When it comes to drawbacks, ongoing costs and maintenance are a big part of the equation. Even if the house is paid off, you’ll have to deal with property taxes and insurance. Plus, maintaining the structure and systems is essential to keep the house in good shape, which isn’t always cheap.

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t transfer ownership immediately, then merely keeping the house might not be a great option. But if that doesn’t apply and you want to pass it down, it’s worth considering.

The Pros and Cons of Renting the Home

Renting the home can be the right choice if you want to generate long-term income and are open to navigating ongoing expenses. While you’ll still owe property taxes and have to cover maintenance costs, you’ll typically get a set sum from your tenant each month the house is occupied.

As for the drawbacks, operating as a landlord can be a lot of work. Landlords have specific obligations, and they can be a lot to manage. While you can choose to hire a property manager instead, you’ll have to direct some of your rental income to cover that cost. Depending on what the property manager charges, that could significantly limit your earning potential.

There can also be some tax complexities you’ll need to navigate. Additionally, if the property is occupied when you pass, it can lead to difficulties for the heir.

The Pros and Cons of Selling the Home

Generally speaking, selling your home has a few drawbacks. The main one is that you can’t pass that property down to an heir.

Otherwise, most of what you’ll experience is benefits. The Phoenix housing market is hot, with prices rising 31.3 percent year-over-year (as of February 2022). Plus, the demand for housing is expected to remain high throughout 2022. While mortgage rates are rising, concern that they’ll keep going up could keep buyers in the market.

By selling, you also eliminate any ongoing responsibilities relating to the property. After the sale, maintenance, property taxes, and insurance for the home are no longer your responsibility. You can also use the proceeds as a nest egg, giving you extra cash to fund your golden years.

Ultimately, selling is the right choice for many seniors. If it’s the right move for you, contact Russell Shaw to learn more about what your home is worth and how you can get it on the market.

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Luca is a two-year-old long-coat Chihuahua mix weighing in at a chunky-monkey 24 pounds. He knows he is an irresistibly foxy boy, and his sweet puppy face will make you want to reward him with treats just for being so dang cute.  Luca will use his looks and charms to get away with whatever he can, just like any typical teenager.  He needs an experienced owner who will give him boundaries and structure.  He will learn that he is not the one in authority and that by following consistent guidelines set by his owner he can reap the rewards of love and affection.  Luca is a smart boy that does want to please.  He knows the cue to sit, plays fetch, and enjoys romping with his doggie friends.  Luca loves being taken out on walks and he will strut about town. You can meet Luca at Home Fur Good, Thursday, Friday or Saturday between 11 – 4.  The shelter is located at 10220 N 32nd Street in Phoenix. His adoption fee is $225 and includes spaying/neutering, age-appropriate vaccinations and microchipping.  You can see all the pets available for adoption at

Sinatra and Thelma

Sinatra is a tuxedo cat and he is handsome, fluffy, snuggly and very social.  He is a mature gentleman with a birthdate of 12/23/2012.  Sinatra prefers wet food over dry and he will come running when a treat bag rattles.  His treat of choice is Temptations, and he has been known to send volunteers out to the store when the shelter runs low.  Sinatra also has a way with the feline ladies.  Thelma is his tabby, long-haired girlfriend.  If you are looking for two cats, Thelma is also available and her birthday is 5/26/16.  Sinatra loves to be up high, so if you have cat trees or shelves, Sinatra will make himself right at home!  Home Fur Good open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11am – 4pm and is located at 10220 N. 32nd Street in Phoenix.  Home Fur Good can also be reached by phone at 602-971-1134 or by emailing  You can also check out the website at

Brooklyn Is One Smart Doggie Looking For Her Fur-Ever Home

She is a one year old, 45-pound, Pitbull mix.  Brooklyn has gone through Basic Obedience Class.  She knows the basics cues like sit, down and loose leash walking.  Brooklyn is treat motivated and aims to please, so training comes easily.  Brooklyn loves to hike and has started her own peak bagging list.  She is dog selective, enjoying larger dogs that like to rough house.  Brooklyn would be happy in a family with one parent or one full of kids, she only wants to be an active member.  Home Fur Good is located at 10220 N. 32nd Street in Phoenix.  The shelter is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11-4.  You can call HFG at 602-971-1334.  Visit the website at

Kimmie is a tabico!

She is an eighteen month old calico tabby, she is a brown tabby with orange sprinkles.  Kimmie is outgoing and social, doing her best to get everyone to play.  If you don’t play with Kimmie, she will entertain herself while putting on a show for you.  Kimmie also does her best to make friends with the other cats and kittens at the shelter.  Come down to Home Fur Good at 10220 N. 32nd Street in Phoenix.  The Free Roaming Cat Room is open for adoptions Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11am – 4pm.  You can also call at 602-971-1334.

Kettle is a very people-oriented doggie.

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Ginger is the queen with a perfect amount of Cattitude

If you would like the privilege of living with a cat that knows they are the superior being, then Ginger is your girl.  Ginger was born on January 21, 2014 and she will allow you to feed her, play with her and scratch her under the chin until she decides otherwise.  Ginger can be very loving and playful and then she will decide she needs alone time.  Ginger does ask that she be the only cat in her forever home, since there can only be one ruler.  You can meet Ginger at Home Fur Good, 10220 N 32nd Street, Phoenix, Thursday through Saturday from 11am-4pm.  If you have any questions please call 602-971-1334.