April Market 2022

Market signaling a shift

The early warning signs of a shifting market continue to appear. But, as we try to remind both buyers and sellers, the real estate is not the stock market. Housing moves slowly. Shifts in demand are quicker than shifts in housing supply. So while the scarcity in supply has been the controlling factor in the housing market for a number of years, demand is the impedance behind the shift. Not surprisingly this drop in demand is being driven by affordability. The combination of rising pricing and rising interest rates is doing exactly what it is supposed to do, reduce demand. With rentals becoming more plentiful and rental rates declining, and investors with a rent and hold business model will at some point also begin to leave the market – weakening demand further. Does this mean prices are posed to plunge? In the short term, no. Here are some supporting comments from Tina Tamboer of the Cromford Report.

The market continues to heavily favor sellers. Supply is still 76% below normal for this time of year and demand is 6% above normal. However, demand is declining in response to recent increases in interest rates. Just 30 days ago, demand was 12% above normal, and 30 days prior to that it was 21% above normal… However, in just a few short months, the average interest rate increased from 3.1% in December to 4.7% by April. This resulted in a $500 increase in the estimated payment on a 1,500-2,000 sq. ft. home, pushing the cost to buy significantly higher than the cost to rent in Greater Phoenix.

This does not mean the market is at its peak, or at the precipice of a price decline. The only response we are seeing at this time is a sharp increase in supply between $500K-$1M over the past 2 weeks, a price range that happens to have less interest from investors and 2nd home owners and a higher market share of owner-occupants…While it’s reasonable to expect price appreciation to slow down at some point, there is little evidence at this stage to show prices declining in the near future.

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Russell & Wendy Shaw